Marin Republican Women Federated

Virtual Meeting Live On-Line, Wednesday, February 24th

From your home and on your computer and telephone

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Speaker:  Cynthia Hacker, CFRW Vice President, Political Activist

Topic:  How You Can Be A Player Now – The Phone

Every time you are ‘voting’; that is, every time you make a phone call, write a letter, comment verbally at a Supervisor meeting, you  are exercising your rights of free speech and your rights to do what you can do as CFRW members to affect our governance.

Cynthia is our CFRW 3rd VP, Political Activities 2020 - 2021, a new office created in the 2019 restructuring of CFRW. She considers it not just ‘Political Activities’ but rather ‘Political Activist’. Prior to taking this office, she was the Orange County President (2018-2019) and Fullerton RWF President (2015-2016).  She is also currently serving on the OCGOP Central Committee, as well as a delegate to CAGOP for last 6 years.  She ran for the 65th CA Assembly in 2020. She is taking Voter ID to the U.S. Congress, a project she knows how to do.

During this, her first term, she created many ‘Calls to Action’ that made our members more active on projects and helped increase our volunteer hours even in lock downs. Soon she will be leading our new CFRW Political Activities projects for the upcoming 2021 year.

Cynthia says “I am passionate about Republican values and being part of the RED WAVE to return California to a government that cares about people and wants less government, taxes and regulations, wants to restore law and order and public safety, and wants to encourage individual success over government handouts.”

Join us on-line on February 24, 2021. Get your questions answered by this “Activist”.

-Mary Grove, 1st VP, Programs                         


Reservations:   $0                                                     Deadline: Friday, Feb. 19th  

Buy a gift certificate to use at a later date for The Club at McInnis Park restaurant. It is a way to support our venue. They have take-out or dine-in on the patio.

Email reservations to:  events@mrwf.org
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