Marin Republican Women Federated

Luncheon Meeting, Wednesday, June 13th

11:30 am – 1:00 pm

The Club Restaurant, McInnis Park, 350 Smith Ranch Rd, San Rafael

Speaker:  June Gilliam

Topic:    Socio-Communism: A Dead-End Path for America

Socio-communism has been tried for more than 100 years by hundreds of millions of people, and the results are always the same: death, destruction, and despair.

Besides terrorism, a major threat facing America today is the infiltration of socio-communism. Silently and effectively, it has eroded the foundation of America through systematic attacks on our education system, economy, morality, and traditional culture. As our nation is horribly divided, it is vital for all of us to recognize this new form of evil in order to win this battle.

Born and raised in the largest city of China--Shanghai, Ms. June Gilliam graduated from one of the top universities where she became a member of the communist party. In 1998 she came to the U.S. hoping to advance her career. She has been involved in public speech to offer honest insights of China and to raise awareness of China’s Human Rights issues since 2008.

In addition to her public involvement, Ms. Gilliam has a Master’s degree in Management of Information Systems. She has been working for a Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley for the past 17 years as a business operations management professional. Ms. Gilliam is an avid world traveler, a leisure sailor, and a hard-core hiker. She currently resides in Santa Cruz with her husband and two young children.

                                                - Jane Maushardt, 1st VP Programs


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