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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 

11:30 am – 12:30 pm  

Speaker: Orlean Koehle, Activist, Author, Eagle Forum State Past President 

Topic:  The General Election November 3, 2020 and the California Propositions

Orlean Koehle is the author of ten books.  Two small booklets she has written about elections are: 

  • Why the Electoral College 
  • The Rigged System - Widespread Election Fraud in the USA 

She will be addressing some of what is in these books as she speaks about the November 3rd Election, California Propositions and encourages us to vote in person at the polls to avoid the election fraud that comes with mail-in ballots.  

Orlean is presently working on two other books that she plans to have published by the end of August and will bring with her to the meeting. They are about the crisis we see going on in our nation today: Unmasking the Masquerade, the Pandemic for Loss of Liberties and Turning the World Upside Down - a Tale of Two Viruses.  The second book is:  Lifting the Mask on Black Lives Matter and Upholding the Thin Blue Line.    

Orlean is proud of the Marin Republican Women who have figured out how to still hold meetings in this crazy world around us and is looking forward to being part of our meeting on Sept. 23rd via Zoom.

Join us for a deep-dive in to the upcoming General Election and the twelve California ballot measures which are always a challenge with deceptive verbiage which is deliberate and designed to fool us, the Voters.

-Mary Grove, 1st VP, Programs                         


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